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The Blizzard of 2007 - Global Warming, Alberta Style

Blizzard of January 10, 2007 below.  Driving from Red Deer College to Calgary.  Photo's were taken near Bowden, Alberta by the Highway 2A turnoff. 
Moments after these shots were taken there was a total white out, could not see more than 10 feet or 3 meters...a bit hairy. Descriptions of the events are below the pictures.
More Blizzard Pictures


Chronology and descriptions:
DSCF0001.jpg (53392 bytes) 3:30pm - View from class I teach at Red Deer College.  Snow was 'falling' horizontally and everyone decided to leave while it was still light out. 

Temperature was falling -13 to -15c (about 5F)

DSCF0004.jpg (57860 bytes) 4:10pm - near Bowden, Alberta. Was the same driving conditions for a half hour...drifting snow, wind gusts, nothing to really worry about or what I haven't seen before...
DSCF0005.jpg (56075 bytes) 4:11 - Hmmm...can't see too far in the distance, wonder what is that up ahead...
...then suddenly...
DSCF0006.jpg (50365 bytes) 4:Something - Total Whiteout!  Gadzooks!  Where did that come from?
...this was the first white out...had about 5 in a series within 15 minutes.
DSCF0007.jpg (21449 bytes) - Near Highway 2A south turn off, starting to get messy again, better slow down,
...get into the right lane and breathe easy...ah bad time to check if I had enough gas...
DSCF0008.jpg (41308 bytes) - Took one more picture just for the heck of it - before the next white out to hit.  It did.
 ...couldn't see 10 feet (~3Meters) in front of me.  Was a bit unnerving to say the least...
whiteout7a.jpg (55511 bytes) - Here is a picture during the white out...I also saw something scary ahead in the blizzard.
 ...what, you really think I'm crazy enough to take pictures while driving???

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